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本文摘要:A lot of good things happened in tech this year. The iPhone 5 premiered with 4G and a feather-light design. Google released its Nexus 7 tablet to go head-to-head with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and equipped it with Jelly Bean. Samsung deliver


A lot of good things happened in tech this year. The iPhone 5 premiered with 4G and a feather-light design. Google released its Nexus 7 tablet to go head-to-head with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and equipped it with Jelly Bean. Samsung delivered a powerful one-two punch with the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. And we saw a fair number of Ultrabooks that gave the Macbook Air a run for its money。今年,众多科技产品争相同台亮相。设计轻巧的iPhone5问世,并反对4G网络;谷歌公布Nexus7平板电脑,内置安卓4.1操作系统,与亚马逊的Kindle Fire进行竞争;三星投出强有力的组合拳,发售Galaxy S III和Galaxy NoteII手机。此外,众多超级本与苹果超薄笔记本争夺战市场。

But where there’s good, there’s bad. And there were plenty of major fails this year. Read on for the 10 biggest tech flops of the year。但是,有好消息也就有坏消息。

今年科技领域也经常出现了许多根本性败笔。下面就是livescience网站总结的2012年科技领域十大败笔:1.Wrong-Way Award: Apple Maps1. “指错路”奖:苹果地图With all the anticipation surrounding iOS 6, many didn’t think twice about giving up Google Maps for Apple’s new Maps app. But once users switched over, the complaints and outcries that the iOS app was far inferior to Google Maps mushroomed. The app was riddled with errors, including wrong addresses and warped-looking landmarks in the Flyover view while it lacked integrated mass-transit directions。

人们对苹果iOS 6系统享有众多期望,很多人马上退出了谷歌地图,开始尝试用于苹果公司的新版地图程序。但当用户转用苹果地图后,大家又开始责怪并抗议iOS系统的地图近不及谷歌地图好用。

这一地图应用程序错误百出,还包括地址错误、立交桥地标变形,此外还缺乏原始的大规模交通命令图标。Apple eventually apologized for the Maps gaffe, and even recommended alternatives. CEO Tim Cook probably put it best, saying we screwed up.苹果公司最后为地图错误道歉,甚至建议大家转用其他地图。

苹果公司CEO蒂姆-库克有可能做到得最差,他说道:“我们搞砸了。”2.False Start Award: Windows 82. “启动错误”奖:Windows8After Microsoft released a preview of the highly anticipated Windows 8, users were dismayed to find that, although the new systems desktop was practically identical to the Windows 7 interface, it lacked a Start menu. Microsoft had substituted the menu with a shortcut to the Start screen, which meant users are forced to leave the desktop just to launch an app that takes them right back to the desktop。在微软公司公布大家寄予厚望的Windows8预览版后,用户们惊讶地找到,尽管新的系统的桌面与W indows 7的桌面并无两样,但缺乏“开始”菜单。

微软公司用“开始”屏幕的快捷方式代替了“开始”菜单,这意味著用户要不得不离开了桌面,以启动这一能将他们送回桌面的应用程序。3. Worst Sales Pitch: Dell’s “Daily Deals”3. “最差劲的促销用语”奖:戴尔的“每日优惠”During LAPTOP’s annual Tech Support Showdown, we made three calls to Dells tech support line and got more than we bargained for. During the calls, Dell pushed premium warranties on us, saying we had won a daily drawing that would allow us to buy a $500 four-year extended warranty for just $317.在《LAPTOP》杂志的年度“技术支持票选”活动时,我们曾三次约见戴尔公司的技术支持热线,并获得了“车祸惊艳”。通话期间,戴尔公司向我们促销保险借贷服务,相提并论我们在每日抽奖活动中中奖,只需花317美元就可以出售价值500美元的4年延保服务。Lucky us — we were chosen to spend even more money on something we didn’t need! When we resisted, the representative rushed us through the call, barely attempting to answer our question, but routinely haranguing us to buy the warranty, because otherwise the next caller would get our prize.我们真为幸运地,我们被顺位花上更加多的钱出售不必要的服务!当我们拒绝接受时,销售代表开始在电话中应付我们,不愿问我们的问题,但还是滔滔不绝地促销他们的保险,因为如果我们退出,下一位打入电话的用户就不会“中大奖”了。

According to Dell, using drawings as a sales tactic is against company policy. However, aggressively pushing extended warranties and hardware purchases is not, as we experienced on two other calls where support reps seemed more interested in making a commission than solving our problems。据戴尔讲解,用于“抽奖”作为销售策略违反了公司政策。但强硬态度地向消费者促销延保服务和硬件却不违背政策。我们在另外两次约见戴尔时,技术支持代表对赚更加感兴趣,而不是解决问题我们的问题。

4.Most Sexist Tweet Award: ASUS at Computex4. “最不具性别歧视色彩的推文”奖:台北国际电脑展览-华硕At this year’s Computex in Taiwan, ASUS tweeted a picture of its Transformer AIO with the caption, “The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO。” Trouble was, the photo also highlighted the backside of a young woman who was showcasing the Transformer。


”困难的是,展出这款一体机的一名年长女子的臀部也经常出现在这张图片上。After understandably receiving tons of backlash, ASUS deleted the tweet. Then Digital Marketing Manager Tim Smalley released an apology, blaming a third party that had access to the company’s social media accounts. ASUS also sent out an apology tweet, but that didn’t stop the negative social media buzz。

这张图片引发强烈反响,华硕公司之后移除了推文。数码营销经理蒂姆-斯莫利随后公开发表致歉,指责有人窃取了公司的社交媒体账户。华硕公司也公开发表推文致歉,但未能避免在社交媒体上产生的负面影响。5. IP-(Uh)-O Award: Facebook5. “IPO告终”奖:FacebookAlthough Facebook’s IPO initially set a record for technology companies by raising more than $16 billion, it quickly became the decade’s worst initial public offering. When the social networking giant went public in May, its initial offering price was set at $38, while the company was valued at $104 billion. However, a little more than two weeks later, Facebook shares had dropped dramatically to $26.90 per share。